Increase Your Leads With UpViral Marketing

Learn more about how you can use UpViral Marketing System to generate more Referral to your system that will help you increase your customer and subscribers

So How Does It Work?

It’s a simple 3-step process:

  1. Imagine someone enters their email address into your lead capture page. Your audience will enter their email address on your page that is a giveaway or contest.
  2. They get a unique link to promote your campaign. Every subscriber will automatically get their own unique tracking link in order to incentivize them to promote your campaing/website.
  3. They can unlock rewards or win prizes by referring their friends. Based on the rules you set, your audience can now unlock rewards (giveaways) or increase their chances of winning (contests) by getting their friends to sign-up as well.

UpViral leverages a point system and social media to create viral campaigns that will put customers in a frenzy to promote your offer to their connections.  You can even have multiple offers for doing multiple share activities. With UpViral automation, their system will take care of all the follow-up emails to leads to give them gentle reminders to keep sharing your promotion.  It even offers split testing to dial-in your the email campaign.  Finally, upon completion of your contest or when a milestone is reached the UpViral automation delivers your leads their rewards so you can focus on what is most important…Growing YOUR Business!

Recommendation Based on UpViral Review

After using UpViral Marketing myself, I got to say that it is a killer product that will help alot of businesses out there to generate more leads and getting more conversion.  It is one of the platform you need for your business to allow your business to go viral. That’s why, I am sharing with you to implementing it in your business. Thank you for reading my UpViral review.

What Can I Do with UpViral?

Upviral can be used for Giveaway, Contest, and Generic (no reward or prize – waiting list for a product launch for example) Campaigns.

UpViral Giveaways
UpViral Contests
UpViral Product Launches

With UpViral, you are able to turn one lead right into a viral explosion of leads. With UpViral an easy 2-paged site collected 138,790 leads within 40 days plus a brand new company collected 100,000 leads in just a week. In fact, even developers own beta-testers are receiving incredible results, collecting a huge number of email leads using UpViral campaigns in just a matter of weeks!

Consider building a promotion for any product on your website page. You can operate a giveaway promotion campaign where your customer can refer 5 of their friends and be given a credit toward their next purchase. Even running the promotion at the cost of the product, you simply acquired 5 customers for the price of 1 free product, how sweet can that be! Talking about putting traffic to your site on steroids! And the best part can be your getting a lots of the time of promoting off your plate on to your customers’ plates, and it’s so SIMPLE to set-up.

This can aLL be done with all the UpViral templates that allow you to have your viral campaigns ready to go within MINUTES – without significant technical skills needed! (Do you know the best way to click a mouse and type on the keyboard?!?)