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Here is how I build a website and you can learn from by building your very own website and drive more visitors to your website. Whether is purchasing or for reading. Owning a website is where you can write your own blog like a diary.

Build a website for yourself today, contact me personally if you need help.

Things That You Need To Get Started With

Below are the list that you need to prepare before launching of your website:

  • Hosting Server
  • Domain Name
  • WordPress Theme

What Hosting Server I will use

Hosting Server, you need to take note of the Disk Space and Bandwidth. They are the key basic that storing of files and traffic coming into your website. Ensure to have unlimited Bandwidth, as you can’t control the number of traffic coming to your website. Unless you don’t require visitors to visit your website. You can ignore about it, otherwise it is very important for a website, because we want to drive in as many traffic and not limited by the hosting company on the bandwidth. Some hosting company sell you packages that limit your bandwidth and require you to upgrade the package plan.

What Domain Registrar I will use

For your new domain purchase, I don’t recommend you to purchase the domain name together with your hosting server. Always keep them separated. This is to prevent the hosting company for misusing your domain ownership. To purchase your new domain name. Normally for new domain purchase, you are able to get good discount. One of them is Choose your .com and just checkout the domain only. Apply coupon code: CJCRMN99U and you will be paying US$0.99 for .com plus Estimated Taxes & Fees US$0.18 which will turn out to be US$1.17 for a .com per year.

About domain ID protect, if you do not want people to spam email to your email address when you purchasing your domain without a ID protect. Here is what you can do, create a new email address with a backup email of your primary email address, you can use gmail account in this case. This way, all the spam email will go to your new email address. Spam email can be dangerous, they actually got your information from WHOIS record and create fake invoice or registration form to gather your other privacy information. WHOIS record tools that I normally will use are and

After your purchase of domain, setup the nameserver pointing back to your hosting server.

Renewing of domain for the second year at may be costly. You can consider before a year to migrate your domain to which will cost US$8.99 per year. Domain renewal normally will not be able to enjoy great discount than the new domain purchase.

Why Domain Need ID Protect?

I have lot of domains and websites, in order to have all my domain to have ID protect. I migrated to another domain registrar which I am a reseller. That is the reason I am getting a good price. You can also be a reseller of the domain registrar I am currently engaged if you own a lot of website and intending to own an Virtual Private Servers VPS server. You can contact me and we can discuss more about it. The reason I do that is because all my domains WHOIS records are exposed. Now most of my domain are with ID protect because my ID protect currently only cost me as low as US$0.01 per year per domain. Here is a short video, I recorded that I purchased my domain ID protect.

What WordPress Theme I will use

I will choose this WordPress Theme call The7, it is responsive site and Multi-Purpose use. Compatible Browsers are IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. Sold over 32,000 copies. Themes are just a layout where you can adjust the layout you want to be. Just the theme, it will not work the best. You will need plugins to assist the theme to give the very best performance.

This theme will cost you US$59.00

How To Install WordPress ThemesView YouTube Video

What WordPress Plugins I will use

How To Install WordPress PluginsView YouTube Video
  1. LayerSlider WP – US$18.00
  2. Slider Revolution – US$19.00
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Manage Multiple Site

WordPress Security Plugins

For website security, I will install Wordfence Security and All In One WP Security & Firewall

Wordfence Security Plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware. In the setting, I will set limit time of view to ensure no over refreshing on the pages, number of sign in before blocked, block IP address username that do not exist.

You are able to view Live Traffic, where the traffic is coming from which site and you can block that IP address or Network and you can also run WHOIS to check the IP address location.

You can setup Performance Setup by Enable Basic Caching which will increase speed 2 to 3 times or Enable Wordfence Falcon Engine which will increase speed 30 to 50 times. I haven try it, as leave this as disable cause I am using WP Fastest Cache Plugin.

You are able to view Blocked IPs, Password Audit, Cellphone Sign-in, Country Blocking, Scan Schedule, Whois Lookup and Advanced Blocking.

All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.

All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin Setting is able to control files like .htaccess file, wp-config.php file.

There is lot of setting needed to be done such as removing WP Generator Meta Info to prevent hacker knowing your WordPress version.

User Accounts is to let you know if your username is unique and don’t use admin as your default username. In User Login, you should enable Login Lockdown and Force Logout at minimum 180 minutes depending on you working on your site.

If your site is not a site will you allow visitors to register User Registration, I will recommend you to enable it and you can approve the username that are going to login to your site. If your site is an ecommence and it is enable, your customers will have to wait for you to approve them before they can start to shop for products and services.

I will normally change the Database Security, remember to do backup before you do this, your site may crash if you do not know how to do it.

For Filesystem Security, ensure the recommended action are taken action to prevent hacker to input coding in your files. I will also enable the WP File Access to prevent access to readme.html, license.txt and wp-config-sample.php.

For Firewall, I will enable Basic Firewall Rules, Additional Firewall Rules, 5G Blacklist Firewall Rules, Internet Bots, Prevent Hotlinks and 404 Detection.

If you want to change your login URL, this is the right place call Brute Force that you can change your login page url but it may not work with some plugin that you may want to manage multiple WordPress Site like Managewp Plugin. I will enable Login Captcha and Honeypot.

Remember to enable SPAM Prevention and Scanner.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugins

WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

WordPress Cache Plugins

WordPress Slider Plugins

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